Visual Music

Exhibition at the Modern Art Museum,Toluca, Mexico, 2011

The colours of sound in Theme and Variations by Susana Enriquez

The exhibition Theme and Variations was born from the piece comprising 100 paintings with the same name, and enriched with three more collections “Ad Libitum”, “Reverberaciones” and “Sonogramas Pictóricos”. From a global point of view, this meticulous selection of works displayed a precise idea of Susana Enríquez creative personality.
The Abstract painting of this artist oscillates between the dramatic and the refinement, between the action painting and dripping. With firm intentions together with a poly-semantic character, she mixes the fluidity and the accident of painting with the planning and decision taken in the composition, following a confident and natural gesture that ends in complex structures of form and colour.
Thus, one of the central qualities of Theme and Variations is the mimetic capacity to transform the space; it conveys the speech with versatility, developing in different readings and interpretations. Every time that this proposal inhabits a new space a new dialogue is created while still keeping its essential elements.
In parallel these works shift from the flat surface to the 3dimensional perspective, sometimes is painting, other time is an installation. This migration’s capacity opens the doors to an aesthetic intervention of the space around a central concept, which is complex but equally direct and inductive, supported with harmonic colour connections, which helps the pieces to not compete against each other but become complemented in pleasant counterpoints.

Thus, Theme and Variations is enjoyed with the same simplicity as a melody, bouncing in musical movements __which come from the multidisciplinary background of the artist__ supporting itself with a variety of elements such as rhythm, sounds and silence translated competently into canvas; paper and other materials like clear film (acetate). With these resources added to the rich painting proposal, the musical sensibility is coupled with beauty and open interpretations.

The result of this proposal ends in authentic graphic scores and complex colour symphonies, which represent, without any doubt, a stimulating experience to the senses.
Juan Luis Rita
México, October, 2011