Susana Enriquez

Susana Enriquez

Susana Enriquez’s first steps into the world of art took place in the field of music as a student of flute and percussions at the Escuela Superior de Musica. Later on music would play a different, but important, role in her artwork. Next she studied theatre. This gives us an idea of the dramatic and flamboyant personality that brings brilliant colours and vibrancy to her work. Being born and raised in Mexico City has also brought an intrinsic Latin American intensity that is readily apparent. Her studies with important Mexican Artists and her constant exposure to Mexican art, both past and present, have been important in her creative process.

Her marriage to Manuel Enriquez (a major Mexican composer b.1926-d.1994) has been a significant influence. Many of her works are directly related to him and more importantly to the extraordinary relationship to music that she formed due to their mutual and varied experiences in the realm of music.

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Susana is not of a passive nature and her in situ knowledge of world art and other cultures through her travels has been put to use to define her Idiosyncrasies and enrich her art. She now resides in Australia and had continued her studies and experimentation at the University of Newcastle where she was the recipient of two scholarships: the International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (2003-2006) and the University of Newcastle Postgraduate Research Scholarship (2003-2006).

Susana’s arts education began in the field of music as a student of flute and percussion, at present she holds a PhD degree in Fine Arts  (Newcastle University) and a specialization degree in Art History and Curatorship from the Australian National University.

Susana is a visual artist who paints, draws and etches. She works in a wide range of mediums.   Her theme is the music in painting, but not limited to it.  Susana believes in music’s emotional power because music express itself through sound and time, it allows the listener a freedom of imagination, interpretation and emotional response that is not based on the literal or the descriptive but rather on the abstract quality of painting and this is played out through her creative process.

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Personal Reflections

The exhibition Theme and Variations was born from the piece comprising 100 paintings with the same name, and enriched with three more collections “Ad Libitum”, “Reverberaciones” and “Sonogramas Pictóricos”. From a global point of view, this meticulous selection of works displayed a precise idea of Susana Enríquez creative personality.

The Abstract painting of this artist oscillates between the dramatic and the refinement, between the action painting and dripping. With firm intentions together with a poly-semantic character, she mixes the fluidity and the accident of painting with the planning and decision taken in the composition, following a confident and natural gesture that ends in complex structures of form and colour.

Juan Luis Rita
Curator of the Modern Art Museum, Toluca, Mexico

The challenge that lies in constructing abstract work with the  multiple levels of engagement that Enriquez demonstrates is a measure of the commitment she has for her practice. All genres of painting demand their own criteria for success and the process of abstraction is arguably one of the most challenging. Her skill as an artist is demonstrated in her ability to construct such poweful works from such minimal elements  (Vgr. Enigma or Soñar go to Gallery).

Susana Enriquez story is a fascinating one and as much as art communicates, this body of work is a measure of the Time and Place she finds herself in. Each work is a response to her own journey and the importance of the studio in her life, which she commits herself to daily in pursuit of her own goals.

A Personal Reflection by Trevor Dunbar: Head of Visual Arts Canberra Grammar School.

Contemporary Mexican art has been enriched by centuries of history and culture. From great pre-Hispanic art, through the passing of Spanish influence and up until the art of today. This has made it become vigorous and mainly expressive.

These qualities are evident in Susana Enriquez’s work, Mexican artist based in Australia, who has succesfully assimilated her birthright and locates her in a class of true originality.  Susana Enriquez (née) Alfaro) was born in Mexico City, a magical place where the sun is ever lasting and the moon is still, motionless, disappearing into the night to once again emerge over the ancient lake with astonishing images.

J. Jesús Martínez Álvarez: Senior Professor, Researcher ENAP UNAM.



A year of different experiences:  Working more on research than in painting. I was invited to curate a  photographic and epistolary exhibition  for  Manuel Enríquez Homage  at the Biblioteca Nacional de las Artes in Mexico City. Attending the Foro Internacional de Música Nueva Manuel Enríquez held in October, as well as the Conversation Forum  organized by CENIDIM. http://bibliotecadelasart.wixsite.com/manuelenriquez/copia-de-lista-de-obras

Painting interrupted due to health issues at the beginning and the end of the year.


Six months in France,  objective: To paint new works for New York exhibition in September. View more information here.


A prolific year: a project finished at the National Art Library, two exhibitions in Australia (Sydney and Newcastle), launched of my  book, titled  Migration:Identity and Memoryand the last but not least I was a finalist at the 43rd Muswellbrook Art Prize in the drawing section. A trip to Chicago, Philadelphia, New York and Cuba. Went back to Australia.


A year to travel……..first stop England, then Spain and return to Mexico….


Identidad y Memoria, work in progress to exhibit in 2013

photograph by S. Enríquez