Susana Enriquez

Susana is an advocate for arts and education, based in Newcastle NSW, she is a full time artist, an art teacher, art mentor, freelance curator and researcher, who accepts art commissions.

She works a wide range of mediums. Her theme is the music and colour, but not limited to it. Susana believes in music’s emotional power because music express itself through space and time, it allows the listener a freedom of imagination, interpretation and emotional response on the way “to close the gap between you and everything that is not you and in this way pass from feeling to meaning.”

2016   Extensive Research  done in Photographic and musical  archives related to  Mexican composer Manuel Enríquez (1926-1994), which ended in an iconography exhibition, concerts and talks at the  CENART Arts National Library in Mexico City in October.


2016 was a year of health issues that interrupted  my painting work for few months,

Susana Enríquez@ exp. Manuel Enríquez
Welcome 2015!  We celebrated new year in Newcastle, last of Winter in Mexico and now Spring and Summer in South France at Ille-sur-tet.

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Susy's PhD award