Workshops with Susana

“Contemporary Mexican art has been enriched by centuries of history and culture. From great pre-Hispanic art, through the passing of Spanish influence and up until the art of today. This has made it become vigorous and mainly expressive.

These qualities are evident in Susana Enríquez’s work, Mexican artist based in Australia, who has successfully assimilated her birthright and locates her in a class of true originality.”

– J. Jesús Martínez Álvarez

Frida Kahlo Workshops -
june 2019

Discover yourself by the hand of Frida…

Frida Kahlo’s Intimate Notebook workshop is a guided space to direct you to create, like Frida, a personal notebook of reflection, self-knowledge and personal renewal.

The workshop offers a gateway to the process of exploring your inner world and your creative self through exercises to clear, rest and observe the mind with introspection activities and creative exercises.

Workshops are currently enrolling for June 2019.

Workshop Testimonials

"I’ve nearly finished my classes in the Frida Kahlo workshop with Susana Enríquez and I’m extremely happy I’ve done it.

I never knew that ‘art exercises’ existed, but this way of releasing the freedom of expression needed to draw, paint or whatever creativity you have inside you has been a transformation for me.

We all get mentally hemmed in by everyday life but the Kahlo workshop quickly cuts through all that so that you can express yourself.

It’s not about techniques – though Susanna teaches all art techniques in other classes – it’s about clarifying things & stepping into your individual creative self.”

– Ghillian Sullivan

“This is unique type of workshop. The diary of Frida Kahlo is used to unlock your hidden artistic skills.

Susana uses examples from Frida’s diary, to step by step guide you into a new type of artistic expression.

It would be suitable beginners and more experienced artists, especially those who need to relax and approach art in different way.”

– Catherine Dunlop

“Susana ran a very inspiring weekend workshop based on the diaries and visual journals of Frida Kahlo.

I found the exercises offered a deeper insight into Frida's spiritual, cultural, and creative life while also providing me with practical and creative inspiration for my own artistic practice.

Susana is a very professional, warm, and encouraging teacher and artist whose passion for Frida is infectious!

I left both days feeling inspired, encouraged and motivated with new ideas to incorporate into my personal creative life.

I highly recommend, and I’ll definitely be participating in more of her classes.”

– Alanya van de Wiel

Individual Mentoring

If you are looking for an experienced, trusted and affordable art mentoring service in the greater Hunter Valley – Susana Enríquez should be your first call. Whether you are a beginner artist or a novice looking to learn new techniques or develop your creativity, Susana has the skills and experience which art students can rely on.

Susana can teach you a variety of techniques when mentoring you. These techniques include, but are not limited to:

  • Water base and oil base Egg tempera
  • Encaustic (wax technique)
  • Renaissance oil painting technique
  • As well as modern techniques including mix media

Contact Susana Enriquez. She would love to hear from you!