Art for Sale Newcastle

If you’re interested in abstract artworks, you’ll find a great mix contemporary and traditional abstract artwork made by Newcastle’s master artist Susana Enríquez.

With a rich Mexican heritage and the influence of music embedded within her works, Susana is one of the best artists Newcastle has available. Her collection is extensive – especially her abstract artworks which boast a unique style and story behind each detail.

There is no compromise on quality – with each artwork being produced with passion, commitment and most importantly, a story behind it. Susana’s internationally renowned quality artwork has been exhibited in Mexico City, New York City, Canberra, Sydney, Madrid, Paris, Santorini, and locally in Newcastle and Muswellbrook.

Góndolas -Acrylic on paper 25 x 35 cm from traveling sketch diary 2012

Góndolas -Acrylic on paper 25 x 35 cm from traveling sketch diary 2012

If you’re looking for original  paintings by a Mexican/Australian artist based in Newcastle you’re going to find them here with Susana Enríquez.

Susana’s creative talent enables her to share everyday life experiences, the visual beauty of music and other visions through her admirable art works.

Original Artworks Based on Newcastle

Over the last twenty years, Susana has become recognised locally, nationally and internationally renowned for the diverse scope and exceptional quality of her unique artwork.

The rich use of colour separates Susana’s art from other local Newcastle artists. Boasting art influenced from Mexico, Europe and mainly Australia, Susana’s art is of the highest quality and uses unique techniques on her paintings, such as:

  • Egg tempera (used with water, dry pigments)
  • Egg tempera (used with Damar varnish, linseed oil, water & dry    pigments)
  • Encaustic (resin, wax, turpentine & dry pigments)
  • Renaissance oil painting technique
  • modern use of acrylics.

As a result, this makes Susana’s collection one of the best places in Newcastle to see and purchase her original art. If you have a question about her paintings, techniques or subject matter, do not hesitate to contact Susana today – she will be more than happy to assist you with your every need.