October 2016 –   Researcher and curator for the exhibition: Manuel Enríquez, Hoy de ayer, 90 aniversario,  Arts National Library,  Mexico City.

Late 2015 – Photography exhibition –  snapshots  my time in France

September 2015 – Painting exhibition in New York, NY at  Art Gallery, Chelsea

Masters of the Imagination: The Latin American Fine Art Exhibition

Noember 2014 – Solo photography exhibition titled: Migration: Identity and Memory, at 10×8 Gallery, Sydney, NSW

November 2014 – Solo exhibition of new works on hand made paper at ASW gallery, Newcastle, NSW

September 2014 -Continuing my art tour in New York and Philadelphia.

August 2014 – Visiting Art Galleries and Museums  in Chicago, Ill.

Early 2013 – Travelling overseas: First stop, England, then Spain, Mexico and so on…

2012-2013 – Identidad y Memoria, female portraits, (Identity and Memory) work in progress

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August 2012 – Luz Silenciosa, paintings at Nanshe Studio/Gallery Newcastle, Australia

October 2011 – Visual Music, Museo de Arte Moderno,Toluca, State of Mexico

March  2011 – Opening solo exhibition at Seminario de Cultura Mexicana, Mexico

June 2011 – Work in progress to celebrate the 85th anniversary of Mexican composer Manuel Enriquez in Mexico City, 2011

November 2011 – Solo exhibition Museo de Arte Moderno de Toluca.  Mexico

2010-2011 – Homage to Jesús Villa Rojo, Madrid,  Spain

September-October 2010 – Washington, D.C. USA,  study trip to the National Gallery and the National building Museum

February 2010 –  Trip to  New York to see Tim Barton  and Gabriel Orozco  exhibition at MOMA

March-April 2010 – Work in progress, art studio in Huitzilac,  Cuernavaca Mexico

October-November 2010 – Exhibition Homage to Javier Villa Rojo, Spain (moved to 2011)

November 2009AAANZ Conference 2009, Hosted by the Australian National University,

October 2009 – Solar Plate workshop at Goulburn Region Art Gallery

September 2009 – Trip to Europe for visiting the Venice Biennale

May  2009 – Floor talk at Newcastle Regional Art Gallery, Private Dreams Public collections: Manolo Ruiz Pipó

June-July 2009 – Painting exhibition, Adriana Valdéz Gallery, Guadalajara, Jal. Mexico 

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Susana Enriquez, Washington DC, USA

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